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Blood Donor Clinics - Central East

Blood Donor Clinics are places to donate blood for use by people requiring transfusions. These clinics conduct pre-transfusion compatibility tests to ensure blood transfusions are as safe as possible.

These services serve all or part of Central East
Canadian Blood Services - Oshawa Blood Donor Clinic  
1300 Harmony Rd N, Oshawa, ON  L1K 2B1
Canadian Blood Services - Peterborough Blood Donor Clinic  
55 George St N, Peterborough, ON  K9J 3G2

These services are located outside of Central East, but provide service to Central East.
Canadian Blood Services  
1800 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON  K1G 4J5
1‑888‑236‑6283 (1‑888‑2‑DONATE)
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