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Diagnostic Imaging Clinics - Central East

Diagnostic imaging clinics offer such services as X-rays, ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry (BMD), mammography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

See also Hospitals or Medical Laboratories.

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These services serve all or part of Central East
AG X-Ray and Ultrasound Clinic   Toronto
Alpha Diagnostic Imaging   Toronto
Alton Towers X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Apex Diagnostic Services   Peterborough
Bellsmere X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Bluewater Imaging - Port Hope   Port Hope
Brimley Wenlock X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Brimley X-Ray and Ultrasound Services   Toronto
BSA Diagnostics Medical Imaging - Kennedy and Sheppard   Toronto
Campbellford Memorial Hospital - Out-Patient Departments   Campbellford
Campbellford Memorial Hospital - Ultrasound Services   Campbellford
Cobourg X-Ray and Ultrasound   Cobourg
Compu-Sound Vascular Ultrasound Clinic   Toronto
Corcare Nuclear Medicine - Milner   Toronto
Courtice Imaging Centre   Courtice
Donvale Ultrasound Services   Toronto
Durham Radiology Associates - Ajax   Ajax
Durham Radiology Associates - Bowmanville Clinic   Bowmanville
Durham Ultrasound - Whitby   Whitby
Eglinton-Danforth Rd X-ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Ellesmere X-Ray   Toronto
EXR Medical Imaging   Ajax
Fast Track Imaging   Toronto
Golden Radiology   Toronto
Impexxus Imaging - North Whitby X-Ray   Whitby
Impexxus Oshawa X-Ray and Ultrasound Services   Oshawa
Insight Diagnostic Imaging - Malvern Ultrasound and Mammography   Toronto
Kawartha Diagnostic Imaging   Peterborough
Kennedy Eglinton X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
King-Mar Diagnostic Centre - Scarborough   Toronto
KMH Cardiology Centres - Scarborough   Toronto
Lakeview Diagnostics - Mobile Ultrasound Services   Pickering
Lawrence Victoria Park X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Lawrence-Kingston Rd X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Lighthouse Medical Imaging - Finch   Toronto
Lindsay Ultrasound and X-Ray   Lindsay
Lindsay X-Ray and Ultrasound   Lindsay
Malvern Medical Centre - Scarborough   Toronto
Markham Medical Imaging - Scarborough   Toronto
Markham-Lawrence X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Med Image Diagnostic Centre - Scarborough   Toronto
Medical Arts X-Ray   Peterborough
Medical Centre Diagnostic Services   Peterborough
Medical Imaging Centre - Pickering   Pickering
Midland Radiology and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Midland-Ellesmere X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Milliken Finch Diagnostic Imaging - Scarborough   Toronto
MyHealth Centre - Oshawa - Medical Arts Building   Oshawa
MyHealth Centre - Whitby - Dundas Centre Medical   Whitby
Neilson Radiology - Scarborough   Toronto
North Oshawa Medical Centre X-Ray and Ultrasound   Oshawa
North Scarborough X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
North Toronto Diagnostic Imaging - Scarborough   Toronto
Ontario Medical Imaging - Whitby Clinic X-Ray and Ultrasound   Whitby
Oshawa Clinic - Diagnostic Imaging   Oshawa
Oshawa Vascular Laboratory   Oshawa
Oxford Imagaing - Ajax   Ajax
Oxford Medical Imaging - Pickering   Pickering
P Maskens Medicine Professional Corporation   Peterborough
Parkway Nuclear Services   Lindsay
Peterborough Clinic (The)   Peterborough
Peterborough Regional Health Centre - Diagnostic Imaging   Peterborough
Peterborough Vascular Lab   Peterborough
Pine Ridge X-Ray   Peterborough
Port Perry Imaging   Port Perry
Quantum Medical Imaging Services - Scarborough   Toronto
Rossland Radiology   Ajax
Scarborough Cardiac Diagnostic Centre   Toronto
Scarborough Radiologists   Toronto
Scarborough Vascular Ultrasound   Toronto
Sheppard Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Sheppard-Warden X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Silver Star X-Ray and Ultrasound   Toronto
Sonovasc Diagnostics - Scarborough   Toronto
Taunton Health Centre   Oshawa
Top Medical Imaging - Kennedy   Toronto
Toronto East X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough   Toronto
Turnbull Diagnostic Imaging   Peterborough
Victoria Park Mammography Imaging - Scarborough - Diagnostic Imaging   Toronto
Westney Heights Diagnostic Centre - Ajax   Ajax
Whitby Cardiovascular Institute   Whitby
Whitby Medical Arts Imaging   Whitby
Whitby Medical X-Ray and Ultrasound   Whitby
Whitby X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging   Whitby
Whites Road X-Ray and Ultrasound   Pickering

These services are located outside of Central East, but provide service to Central East.
Bathurst Lawrence Nuclear Imaging   Toronto
STL Diagnostic Imaging   Toronto
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